That’s one expensive Apple!

I  interviewed my cousin to explore the reasons behind his recent purchase of the iPad 2. Not being particularly concerned with image and brands in general, I was intrigued as to what made him buy in to the Apple family over cheaper variations of the device currently on the market.

“There is no question that Apple have succeeded in making computers fashion accessories. Their products are slim, stylish and reliable. They have also used the colour white to differentiate their products and make people feel that they stand out from the crowd. As a result, Nokia, Blackberry and Samsung have followed the trend by releasing white models of mobile phones. It is the quality and functionality of Apple products that is worth investing in. They are simple, reliable and undeniably fashionable.”

We can conclude from the above that despite fusing technology with fashion, Chris’s core reason for his luxury brand purchase is a practical one;

“I was on the go a lot and needed something lightweight and slim to carry with me. I researched the iPad range and found that they were successful  and popular products due to their durability and advanced technology. Having previously owned an iPod I knew what to expect and was prepared to spend £500. It was not just the iPad 2 alone that was expensive but the whole range of accessories that came with it from the cover to the charger. I do believe that I invested in quality and that the money was well invested.”