Luxury for Rent


I had never heard of the concept of being able to rent luxury items before I had seen Sex & The City the movie. At first this seems like the perfect solution for the young and cash-strapped. Instead of spending a month’s rent on a new Marc Jacobs, you can rent one for a fraction of the price. Not only is this an affordable solution but means that you can change your designer delight along with the seasons.

In the film it is Carrie’s assistant, Louise, (Jennifer Hudson) who rents her designer handbags from and she is featured in scenes with both Chanel and Louis Vuitton.  At the end of the film Carrie buys Louise her own Louis Vuitton Monogram Motard Firebird as a leaving present.louis-vuitton-firebird

We can take this example as an accurate popular culture representation of society today. It is the 20 something, working classes with insufficient income to purchase high end products, in this case Louise and her designer handbags, who have the option of renting luxury to satisfy their hedonistic needs. It is Carrie, the 30 something, independent and successful writer who can not only afford to buy her own luxury accessories but can splurge over $5,000 on them for others.

Low income earners of mid social status can experience luxury for a limited time period with the help of sites like Bag Borrow or steal and These people (myself included) have the ‘feel like a celeb now’ option and can continue working towards their aspiration of one day having their own swanky apartment, successful career and most importantly, their Gucci handbag to represent all of this.

In the long term, renting luxury is definitely not a savvy investment. I guess that’s the price we pay for pleasure.


Dreaming of Ted…

A luxury brand is more than just an item, but an aspiration. What is it that makes you think twice about walking away from these pricey purchases? It was some months ago that I stumbled upon the above crystal bobble purse in a Ted Baker store in Canary Wharf. It was the glittering crystals on the clasp that caught my eye at first. I was drawn to the rich colour, and the smooth and shiny case. More than a little aesthetically pleased I walked away after noticing the hefty price tag attached- £75.

Some months later and the same purse is still playing on my mind. Why is it that this particular item has such a hold over me? If it was from River Island or any other high street shop I wouldn’t have thought about it twice. Although I don’t have the money to buy this purse right now, it is on my wish list and I can only imagine how much prettier my pennies will be in their new home with Ted.